F wurf vom Schwarzen Seil

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Whelped: 03 December 2016 - 4 males, 1 female

Mutter: Roxy vom Delme Horst, 0437/09 S1(J) VBR LN D1 VJP76 HZP183 HN VGP1 HDA2 Formwert: V

Prada KS vom Meynautal x Vitus KS vom Dilkelhof

Vater: Vigo vom Riverwoods, 1284/14  D1 S1 HD-A2 HN Formwert: SG

Franki vom Sparta - GR x Sheba vom Riverwoods

Roxy has consistently produced highly talented, well built and mistake free puppies. Her B and C litters were both Derby breeders award litters. The E litter and now the F litters look just as promising. I want these puppies to go to owners who understand, appreciate, and will promote the system that produced them.

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