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Q: How often are puppies available?
A: Go to the "UPCOMING LITTERS" or "DOGS AVAILABLE" page for current puppy and started dog info. I generally produce no more that about a litter per year. I have no profit motive as a breeder. I truly want to produce better and better Deutsch Kurzhaars over time because I love the breed.

Q: How much does a puppy cost?
A: You won't see prices listed on my site for any of my services, be it puppies, stud service, training, etc. I feel the contract between a client and me is a private affair. That being said, prices are in line with comparable puppies from other breeders and based on the apparent quality of the puppy, level of training, and time invested.

Q: How do you guarantee your puppies?
A: All breeding animals will meet, at a minimum the breedability requirements as set forth by the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband. Further, I take great pains to ensure my breeding stock is healthy and free from genetically linked health issues. If a health defect (genetic or otherwise), confirmed by a veterinarian, is found which prevents your puppy from enjoying a long, happy, productive life, or fulfilling the role for which he/she was sold, I will replace it or refund the purchase price when the affected dog is returned to me. Further, I want you to be happy with your new puppy. I make a concerted effort to match my puppies with the appropriate home, but once you get your new puppy home, you may find they're not the right dog for you. Though this happens VERY rarely, I will do my best to my best to correct the issue.

Q: Who do you sell your puppies to?
A: As it says on the "Our Dogs" page, I provide quality Deutsch Kurzhaars for the foot hunter. All puppies will be sold to licensed hunters and their families. Preference will be given to active members of one the DKV member clubs in North America and those willing to train and test their puppies through the DKV and JGHV system. I do not sell puppies to pet homes. I DO NOT SELL MY PUPPIES TO ANYONE WHO HAS INTENTIONS OF BRREDING OUTSIDE THE DKV SYSTEM! Deutsch Kurzhaars can and should be wonderful housedogs, but they are NOT "feed and forget dogs". They are energetic, highly intelligent animals, and if not given an outlet for these desirable traits by their owners; they WILL find one (or several) themselves.

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