Our Dogs

The greatest virtue of the Deutsch Kurzhaar is its versatility. Just about anything you want to do with a dog can be done with a DK.

At Zwinger vom Schwarzen Seil, our focus is on providing quality versatile hunting dogs and reliable companions for the foot hunter. With that goal in mind, we aim to provide healthy, courageous, attractive dogs with the intelligence, trainability, and sound temperaments to excel in the performance based system as set forth by the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband.

We strive for this goal by breeding only DKs who have proven themselves through this perfomance based system. We strongly encourage and actively assist our puppy buyers to participate in this system.

There are other testing venues, bothcompetitive and non-competititve available to showcase your DK. But only those DKs who have proven themselves within the DKV system will be eligible for breeding.


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